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Purchasing an artwork

All prices are listed below each artwork. Send me a brief message to let me know which artwork you would like and I will reserve it for you until we can discuss the next steps and proceed with payment.


All artworks found in Available Works are for sale and those in Previous Works have already been sold.

Commissioning a custom artwork

Do you have a specific idea in mind? Send me an email to let me know your thoughts and we can arrange a time to discuss the overall concept, scale, materials, style and pricing over the phone, email or in person.


I ship worldwide via FedEx. The boxes are custom-made and the artwork is packaged by me in order to ensure safe transit. Depending on the size and weight of the artwork, shipping prices will vary. I will always make sure to get you the fairest rate possible.


Studio visits


My studio is located in Mannheim, Germany, a pleasant 30 minute journey by high-speed train from Frankfurt. If you happen to be in the area and wish to see my artwork in person, please contact me in advance so we can arrange a time for you to visit me in my studio.




Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have, either by email or over the phone.



"My partner and I commissioned Lance to paint us after discovering his stunning portraits of wrestlers. We love how the final pieces came out!  He really captured the essence of who we are with his unique and textural style of painting. The two works of art have been hanging in our home for a few years and they always spark conversations."

—Braden Summers, Los Angeles, USA


"We first came across Lance’s work  in 2012 and fell in love with one of his paintings—it has had pride of place in our home ever since. Later that year, we were lucky enough to meet him at his first solo London show. We have collected several more examples of his work both through galleries and directly from Lance. It has been exciting to see how his work has developed over the years, and visitors to our home often ask about his paintings.”

—Guy Foord-Kelcey, Ramsgate, UK

"What Lance captures in his art is a rare ability to enchant the viewer with both the emotions of men and the energy of the male physique. Sometimes it is raw and primeval, at other times gentle, thoughtful, and tender."

—Pauline Richards, former gallery owner, London, UK

"Combining a draughtsman's skill in depicting detail and form with an interest in subjects as seemingly diverse as Ancient Greece and atomic physics, Lance Hewison is a painter whose art thrives on captivating the viewer."

—Richard Unwin, arts journalist, London, UK

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