Hidden Meanings About Well Known Logos

356c1a7a9d155244573a37010eb471cdAs consumers we see logos around us everyday, many of which instantly alert us to what company they represent because we have see them so many times. Even though we see these images on a daily basis it is rare for anyone to give them much thought of consider that they might represent something meaningful. However, logos are given a great deal of thought by marketing teams and are created to represent the image the company is wishing to share with consumers.

Toyota is a brand almost everyone is familiar with, as is their logo, but very few can tell you what it means. It turns out that the three ellipses are intended to stand in for the three hearts of the company. These are the heart of the product, the heart of the customer and the heart of technological progress.

Another logo that most consumers are familiar with is that of Mobile, the oil and gas giant. Their logo, instead of deriving meaning from an image, theirs is based on the colors used. The red of the “o” represents strength, while the blue of the other letters represent the security and faithfulness they provide their customers.

Pepsi, whose logo is recognizable around the world, has relatively recently undergone a major change, when it comes to the cost involved in the process. The logo’s appearance is actually so similar that many consumers reported not even noticing it until it was pointed out to them. However, the change was developed by top marketing designers that wrote an extensive report to explain its meaning. Short of reading 23 pages, it is said to represent globalization, theory of relativity and uses the popular art of Feng Shui.

Some logos change over time while others stay the same. Regardless of this, almost everyone meant a great deal to those that created them, even if consumers have no idea what that is.